Frank Cronin

Frank has held senior positions in Irish Media for almost 25 years. He was CEO of the Sunday Tribune, Setanta Sports Media and Newstalk. In each of these roles he developed content approaches to win audience and develop media brands. Frank brings this experience to the IPC business.

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Mike Kirwan

Mike understands AV and the technology that drives it. Up to date with the latest developments, he will help optimise your project to deliver your desired customer experience. Mike is your go to man in our business, he will always deliver for you.

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Juan P Bohorquez

Juan understands content and understands people. Juan will work with you to define and refine your content and technology needs. Juan and his team will deliver to your schedule and won’t miss a deadline. He will ensure your satisfaction.

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Tim Hurley

Tim handles new sales and creates the project outline to your specification. He will ensure the project moves smoothly through the system and will always be available to you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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Stephen O'Sullivan

Stephen is the audio and technical engineer who works hard to ensure you are always online and delivers the content in your desired manner. Always available to solve problems, his thorough technical knowledge and customer focus is a real strength of our business.

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Lynne Roddy

Lynne manages everything, from finances to procurement and is often heard solving support issues. She has a thorough knowledge of all our business and if you require delivery updates, installation updates, invoices, payment, monthly accounts, salary!! She is the go to person

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Dave McMullan

Dave will oversee your installation, it will be completed to top standards and will be run precisely according to agreed timelines, no deviation. The work standard, project handover and service levels will be managed by Dave and delivered with dedication and capability.

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Declan Dunne

Declan is passionate about audio and will deliver solutions to all your audio requirements. Declan has worked with international groups on tour and on audio installations nationwide.

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